Man of Kent Trial 18.07.21 – Change of Venue

Unfortunately our usual venue for this trial is out of action this year due to some essential Forestry works being undertaken so we have been lucky to switch venues to our land at Rakins at Gills Green near Hawkhurst.  This venue is very close to the original land so the the travel time would be the same.

Please find attached the entry form for the event and we ask that for those interested to ride can you please complete and send the appropriate entry monies ahead of the event and in accordance with the current ACU guidelines on Covid management.  

As the event has only just been advertised we will hold open the entries until a couple of days before the trial to give you as much chance as possible to enter. However we are still limiting entries so please don’t hesitate and send your entries off asap to the secretary of the meeting – Rodger Beck 

The trial is open to all adult and youth riders and we will be setting out 4 routes to include an expert, Intermediate, Novice and a yellow route suitable for all beginners and sportsman riders. 

Entry form Rakins 13.07.21


Results from the Trial 13th June 2021

Thank you to everyone that took part on Sunday, we hope you enjoyed the day and it wasn’t too hot for you.

Our next trial is on Sunday 18th July at Crabtree Farm in Cranbrook, the details for this will be issued soon and we hope to se you all there.

Thanks go to all the everyone that helped clear up afterwards, Mike Nutbrown as selfless as ever, all our observers and our wonderful Landowners the Pilcher Family. 

Please click the link below for the results 

EKTC Trial 13.06.21

EKTC Trial -Tenterden 13/6/21

Thanks to Dave, Mike and helping group for an excellent trial.  Huge thanks to the landowners for the kind use of their land much earlier in the year than usual. A great entry and a great day in the sun was enjoyed by all. A few pictures and the results will follow

Please look out for details of our Man of Kent Trial and 75th anniversary trial on the 8th of August

Instructions and start list for the Trial on Sunday 13th June

Please have a quick look at the instructions for Sunday, we really need to be mindful of the request from the landowner to protect his hay crop so we will have to be strict about sticking to the very outside of any fields when riding between sections.

Please also make and secure to your bike your riding number for the observers. 

We would love to have all sections observed so if anyone could help out that would be great. 

Thanks and see you all Sunday.

Start List – EKTC Trial 13 06 21

Cover sheet – EKTC Trial 13 06 21 Maywood Farm

EKTC Trial – Sunday June 13th 2021

Our next trial is now scheduled for Sunday June 13th at the Maywood Farm venue in Woodchurch starting at 10.30am. Please see below to see the full details of the event and to download the entry form and send off to the meeting secretary as per the usual covid guidelines.
This event is restricted to any members of an EKTC club and we would dearly love to be able to have all 10 sections observed.
EKTC Clubs as follows:- Tenterden, Ashford, Barham, Sittingbourne & Folkestone

Results from the EKTC trial held on 18.04.21

Thank you to everyone that took part on Sunday, hope you had a great day. 

click this link to see the results from the trial EKTC Trial 18.04.21

Huge thanks go to the Santer family for the generous use of their land and to the few observers that we had. Lets just hope that when life gets back to normal we can encourage a few more volunteers to help out with that task.

It was a herculean task to get the event set up and packed away so big thanks also to Mick Baldock and his team including Dave Garner, Dave Little, Sylvia, Florence, Edie and Mark for giving up their time to set out a great trial. 

See you all at our next event in June, details to follow shortly.

Don’t forget our main event for this year is our 75th Anniversary Trial in August at Clay Hill. 


Rakins Return to Trials Trial – 18.4.21

Lovely weather for what for many was their first trials action for several months. There will certainly be a few aches and pains on Monday morning. An excellent well run trial by Mick Baldock, Dave Luck and helpers – well done all and a massive thanks to those who observed and to the landowners for the use of the land. Lovely to see so many faces out enjoying riding again.  A few pictures from todays event are below. Results will follow as soon as completed.

Revised Start List and Instructions for the Sunday 18.04.21 Trial

Good afternoon

Please find attached the revised start list and final instructions for this Sundays trial.

There has been acouple of last minute alterations to the entries and groups so please double check your group before Sunday. 

Could make your own numbers please and fit them to the bike in readiness for the start on Sunday.


Rakins 18.04.21 Rev 1

Cover sheet and Instructions – Rakins 18.04.21


UPDATE – Sunday 18th of April Return to Trials Trial – Rakins – Entries Closed to non members. Open for entry to Club Members but please be quick.

Due to the unprecedented demand and to ensure we run the event well within the current Government and ACU guidelines, we have had to close the entry for this trial to all non members. We are keeping a reserve list should riders drop out or guidelines change. Entries from Tenterden Club Members from 2019 and 2020 and those renewing for this year will still be accepted, (subject to numbers) so please contact Dave Luck immediately if you wish to rejoin and ride.

We do plan to run events in June, July, August and October. Entries for these events will be reviewed in line with the updated guidelines, but as always priority will be given to club members.

Trial Announcement – Sunday 18th of April – Restricted to Tenterden and East Kent Trials Club Members – Entry restricted number of riders – Pre-Entry Only

After the success of the clubs ‘Return to Trials Trial series’ last year, the club is aiming to run a Trial after lockdown ends on Sunday the 18th of April at 1030am. 

This event will be restricted to members of the Tenterden & District MCC and the other East Kent Combine Trials clubs and held at Rakins Wood, Gills Green Hawkhurst. This trial will be run as per the ACU restart of motorsport guidance and in line with Covid 19 advice issued by the UK Government with the aim of safely and responsibly continuing the restart of participation in trials in our area.

The guidelines/restrictions mean that this trial is restricted to a maximum number per section of  pre-registered and pre- paid riders who are members of East Kent Trials Combine Clubs, full details below. Entry is on a first come, first serve basis with completed entry and payment, priority will be given if necessary to Tenterden members.

The trial will be open to adult and youth classes.

The entry is restricted to East Kent Trials Combine riders resident within 40 miles of the club HQ. This will be indicated from the address given on the ACU Licence/Registration system. (Please note:  The East Kent Trials Combine Clubs EKTC, in 2021 are Tenterden, Ashford, Folkestone, Sittingbourne & Barham).

Only one rider is permitted to attend in a vehicle unless accompanied by another rider from the same household. Social distancing to be exercised at ALL times.

No SpectatorsUntil otherwise notified, no spectators should be permitted to an ACU permitted Trials event.  

Entries to be received by the 4th of April (or before if entries are full) via completion of the entry form below, this must be photographed,  or scanned and sent to the secretary,  the rider entry will be confirmed by return,  pre-payment must then be made via BACS/Paypal (details sent on confirmation of entry) to allow your riding number to be issued. Closing date 4th of April – Absolutely no entries on the day, anybody arriving on the day will be refused entry to the venue.

Entry Fees: £15 adult pre-entry only. Youth £10 pre-entry only.

Signing On : Riders will enter via the entry form electronically via email or photo and receive their riding number after confirmation of payment of the entry fee.. Riders are to pre-prepare a card/number plate with their number to be shown on the front of their bike. This card is to be held up to the Secretary who in a vehicle will tick off against the rider check-list to confirm attendance. No one day licences to be issued. ACU Licence/Registration system will be active before events as normal. 

Signage: Signage will be in place to emphasise the need for social distancing at all times. Road signage will be minimal as it is recommended to discourage onlookers/spectator attendance.

Parking : Vehicles must be parked with a minimum 3m width space left vacant at each side. ie. three metres apart from any other vehicle. Riders will be reminded / advised of social distance requirement when entering the venue and at socially distanced signing on/check in. Please have your riding number visible in your vehicle as you arrive at the venue. Please arrive in plenty of time as the gate will be closed prior to the start to discourage spectators etc. 

Start instructions : tbc

Observation : Will be via self observation/group of 3 observing with riders keeping their own/or another riders score on their own card they have brought with them or on their phones. Group Observing: Groups of riders can travel the Course – respecting social distance at all times and especially when parking machines and walking sections. One person can be designated the task of the other riders score and recording it on his own paper or phone. Only this person is to use that equipment. Scores on completion of the trial will be told or text to the secretary to collate ‘results’ – details will be available at the start/finish area. When that rider attempts the section, others observe and verbally indicate the score he must record. It is likely at most times there will be a consensus from riders in the group as to other scores. If group observing is used, no observing group must enter the section until any previous group has departed. 

Inspecting section – Only three riders allowed in section at any time to inspect it. If possible, a one way route will be established to walk the section but always social distancing to be strictly adhered to by riders passing other riders in section. On arrival at a section all riders must observe social distancing and MUST not park or queue within two metres of another rider. If riders/group arrive before the previous group has left – that group must remain seated on machines a safe distance away and only proceed when the group in front has all left. 

Each section will have an Expert , Intermediate , Novice, Yellow  route . All sections will be straight forward with natural gullies, tree roots and banks. All riders should only attempt to ride well within their own capabilities.

First aid kit and PPE set will be located at every section/start.


Number of Officials. As per ACU, the number of Officials will be kept to a minimum. Until notified otherwise, Officials will be restricted to: Clerk of the Course (also acts as Starter), Secretary – instructions / advice at start. Starter – only needed for first lap. Club officials depending on venue.

If you have symptoms of COVID 19, or have been in contact with anybody who has in the last 14 days, please do not enter or attend this event.

Clerk of the Course will strictly impose these requirements. Non compliance will result in being asked to leave the event.

Should the Government or the ACU governing body advice change then the event will obviously be reviewed, with updates provided here and in the final instructions.

Secretary details are below for photo or scanned copy of the completed entry forms to be sent to, on acknowledgement of receipt of the entry form payment details to pay the entry fee will be given and a rider number issued subsequently.

Reminder this will be pre-entry only, with entries closing on the 4th of April. Strictly no late entries or entries on the day will be accepted. A reminder of the guidelines will be updated to every rider prior to the event.

Clerk of the course – Mick Baldock

Secretary – Dave Luck  Email – and phone 07912 512994

Permit no. ACU tbc

Entry form here Entry Form Rakins 18.04.21