Man of Kent Results

Please find below the link to the results from last Sundays trial.  We’re sorry that we reduced the trial to 3 laps but considering the heat we think it was the sensible decision, it must have been as no one complained ! 

Naturally I want to thank the whole team and when I read such negative posts from other clubs we feel blessed to have such a strong team that make our club thrive.

Our enormous thanks go to the Santer family for their continued support by letting us use their land. Mick (Clerk) & Mark Baldock, Dave Garner & Kev Collins for setting out the trial, Rodger and Jack Beck for all their Secretarial duties including doing the results after work yesterday and lastly to all the observers, some of which I press ganged on Sunday morning but you are all very kind and selfless. 

Don’t forget our anniversary trial on Sunday 8th August at the Clay Hill venue opposite Tenterden Golf Club, the day before we will be having an open day at the museum where the clubs will be displaying bikes, trophies and memorabilia from the past 75 years our club has been formed. We would dearly love to see you all there including all past members. 

man of kent results 2021

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