Novice, Beginner and Wobbler Trial – Sunday 7th November at Iwade

The KYGTRA club are running a Novice, Beginner and Wobbler trial at the Iwade Speedway venue on Sunday 7th November starting at 11am. The cost is £10 per rider and all adult and youth riders with a current ACU licence can enter. The full details cam be found on our website by clicking the link below, please contact the secretary of the meeting to reserve your spot.
The venue address is Marshbank Farm, Iwade, Kent ME9 8SN

The Tenterden 75th year commemorative book

The club has produced a commemorative book, compiled by Roy Francis, the book displays the 75 years of the club and is titled ‘From World War II to Beyond Lockdown’, the book is over 200 pages and consists of pictures and stories of the events and members over the years. This book will be available to purchase now by contacting Roy, Dave, Mike or Keith and shortly available to order via this website using the contact option, or email or via phone to 07912 512994. 

The cost of the book with complete with post and packaging is £13.50 

All proceeds will go fund future club activities.

75th Anniversary Trial – Results

Thanks to all the riders that took place in our special one route traditional anniversary trial.  The weather couldn’t have been worse but the true spirit of trialing prevailed. Our huge debt of gratitude is given to our selfless observers who stood out in those horrific conditions and to the Millen Family for the continued use of their land, in fact our first ever trial was on this ground so it was fitting that we celebrated our 75th year using the same piece. I hope you all enjoyed your book, anyone that would like a copy please contact Dave Luck and arrangements can be made to you a copy. 

Please find attached the results. 

75th Anniversary Trial

75th Anniversary Celebrations – Thanks & a few pictures

A huge thanks to Mike, Dave, Duncan, Roy, Sandra, Keith, Team Mealham and all those who helped put on the 75th Anniversary events of this week.

We have had a landowners dinner on Wednesday, a museum and exhibition event on Saturday and an excellent trial today at Clay Hill to mark 75 years.

We have also produced a commemorative book to mark the 75 years, which can be purchased from Roy or Dave for £10 (plus p&p).

A few pictures from the weekend are on the gallery below. Please post any pictures you have to the club facebook page so we can capture as much of the events as possible, A massive thanks to the Millen family for the use of the excellent piece of land, a wood full of great streams and gullies that has been ridden by many over the last 75 years, but not for many years has it been so wet!! And in August?? 

12 sections tackled 3 times by 60 riders with one main route – an excellent event in very difficult and wet conditions. Results to follow on here when completed, a huge thanks to those that stayed also to help pack up, man the road this morning and generally help in running this weeks successful events.

75th Anniversary Event and Trial Sat 7th and Sun 8th of August

To celebrate the anniversary the club is running a celebration over the weekend of the 7th and 8th of August. On the Saturday from 10am to 4pm the club has a display of bikes throughout the 75 years at the Tenterden Town Museum, with many members past and present in attendance, the club already has a permanent display of trials items, trophies and memorabilia in the town museum. Everybody is welcome to come along. On the Sunday the club is running a 75th Anniversary trial at Clay Hill, opposite Tenterden Golf club, this is one of the original venues for the club, the trial will start at 1030am. Entries to participate are still available, please contact Dave Luck. 


The club has also produced a commemorative book, compiled by Roy Francis, the book displays the 75 years of the club and is titled ‘From World War II to Beyond Lockdown’, the book is over 200 pages and consists of pictures and stories of the events and members over the years. This book will be available to purchase over the celebration weekend and shortly available to order via this website. All proceeds will go fund future club activities.


The club would love to see members past and present and all friends from over the years attend the celebration weekend

Man of Kent Results

Please find below the link to the results from last Sundays trial.  We’re sorry that we reduced the trial to 3 laps but considering the heat we think it was the sensible decision, it must have been as no one complained ! 

Naturally I want to thank the whole team and when I read such negative posts from other clubs we feel blessed to have such a strong team that make our club thrive.

Our enormous thanks go to the Santer family for their continued support by letting us use their land. Mick (Clerk) & Mark Baldock, Dave Garner & Kev Collins for setting out the trial, Rodger and Jack Beck for all their Secretarial duties including doing the results after work yesterday and lastly to all the observers, some of which I press ganged on Sunday morning but you are all very kind and selfless. 

Don’t forget our anniversary trial on Sunday 8th August at the Clay Hill venue opposite Tenterden Golf Club, the day before we will be having an open day at the museum where the clubs will be displaying bikes, trophies and memorabilia from the past 75 years our club has been formed. We would dearly love to see you all there including all past members. 

man of kent results 2021

75th Anniversary Trial – Clay Hill on 08.08.21

We are really proud to celebrate our 75th year in August with a “one route” traditional trial at our Clay Hill venue in Tenterden.  We are still going to provide a seperate “yellow” route that will be suitable for the beginner, sportsman and youth riders. We would also dearly love to see as many bikes from throughout the ages so if you have a Pre 67, twinshock etc please bring them along.

From the initial concept back in 1946, Karl Pugh led the formation of the club set up to cater for the social and recreational needs of motorcycle minded people mainly returning from the war and the armed services. Off road riding was encouraged, many utilising converted road machines used for commuting to work. Members at the time were in the 18-50 age group.

75 years on and the club is still providing this forum and we are pleased that the age group has expanded to now include these amazing younger riders on the incredible oset machines as well as the guys progressing onto conventional bikes. 

Many of you will remember similar successful anniversary events that celebrated our 40th, 50th and 60th years. We are also holding a celebration social event the Saturday afternoon before the trial at the Tenterden Museum in the High Street, where thanks to Roys efforts we still have an excellent club display of images, trophies and other club items. Please feel free to come along, refreshments will be provided and we will be displaying a number of bikes from throughout the years. 

Entry form for the trial below

Entry form – 75th Anniversary Trial