ACU Sport 80 Platform for Riders and Clubs

The ACU have just issued a statement to all clubs that they will launching a new “Sport80” system via their website which will replace their current system which is quite difficult to use. 

We hope the clubs will find this a lot easier to use simpler for the members to be able to renew their licences, join a club and to enter events. 

More details and video tutorials will follow shortly.

ACU to launch new member platform


Weald of Kent “Murray Brush Trial” Updated Results – 25.09.22

Please find attached the results from Sundays Trial. Well done to all the class winners and to those that chased after them.

A huge thanks to you all, it’s vital as an organiser that events are well supported not just by the excellent entry level but by the countless people that offered to help set up, help pack away and most importantly observe and to give up their time to produce the results.

From the results it appears that Kev Collins, who was the Clerk, and his merry band of men set out a fantastic set of 12 sections. Unfortunately, we have not been able to use that piece of land for a few years due to Coppicing so a lot of clearing and brush cutting was carried out before the event, hopefully that will clear the pathways for next years event so will reduce the work levels.

We all have busy lives so “a little by a lot is better than a lot by a few ” not just in our club but everyone’s club.

Our thanks also go to the Landowners, Mr. John Orpin and to the Hooker family for the use of their land.

Weald of Kent Murray Brush Memorial Trial 25.09.22

Weald of Kent “Murray Brush Memorial” Trial

Please find attached the update start list and cover sheet for this Sundays Trial. This is a qualifying round for the South East Championships. 

We have a fantastic entry for this trial but to make it a successful day we will need to make sure that we have all 10 sections observed, therefore use your powers of persuasion and ask your loved ones, friends etc. 

We will still take entries on the day, please bring a completed form, correct money and your ACU licence. 

Start List Weald of Kent Trial 25.09.22

Cover sheet – Weald of Kent Trial 25.09.22

Entry form

Results from Sundays EKTC trial at Maywood Farm 14.08.22

Firstly many thanks to everyone that came out and rode and supported us this weekend, it really was hot but due to amount of help we had the workload was too much for too few.

Massive thanks goes to Dave Garner, the Clerk of the course, this was Daves first time and from looking at the results the sections seemed to be perfect. Thanks also goes to Mick and Mark Baldock who supported Dave in setting out and spend an entire evening cutting out fallen trees and thick brambles so we could use an area we previously thought was lost. 

Following the troubles we had finding observers at the Man of Kent trial, this weekend was really well supported, several riders also volunteered to give up their rides as well. So our thanks goes to Mick, Michelle and Edie Baldock, Bernie Nutbrown, Nicola Phipps, Roy Francis, Mark Mealham Brian Cornelius, Jack Beck and Chris Anderson. Observing is a vital part of running an event, not just ours but all events. Sadly following Covid a number of regular observers have not returned so its vital more than ever that we all try and bring along a friend or family member that can help out. 

Lastly to my wonderful partner Shiona who has just finished doing the results for me as well as setting up the next trial on the ACU website, this will be held at the Harbourne Land which is nearly opposite London Beach Gold Club on the A28, entries online are now being taken. This is the “Murray Brush” Memorial Trial and will count towards the South East Championships, despite the grand title we will also provide a route for all younger and beginner riders and encourage all to take part, this includes any riders for KYTC and Surrey Schoolboys.

EKTC Trial date 14.8.22

EKTC Trial 14th August 2022

Its not too late to enter the trial on Sunday in Woodchurch, we are keeping the entry open on the ACU site until Saturday afternoon.

Please find below the link to the final instructions and the start list for Sundays trial and a blank entry form for anyone that wants to enter on the day.

We are also looking for observers so if you have some spare time you will be very much appreciated.

Maywood Land Farm – final instructions

Entry form Maywood 14.08.22

Start List EKTC Trial 14.08.22