EKTC Sittingbourne Cup Results December 2014

Sittingbourne ran the last EKTC Combine trial of 2014 at Wormshill. A decent turnout of Tenterden riders rode in what was an excellent trial run by our friends from the Sittingbourne club,  3 of the seven class winners were Tenterden riders!!! – well done boys.

Experts – Keith Francis 13ml, Matt Strank 19ml, Dave Strank 45ml, Rob Whorlow 67ml, Chris Anderson 83ml, Connor Dowling 89ml

Inters – Darren Bayfield 17ml, Fergus Campbell 22ml

Inter O/40 – Micheal Nutbrown 10ml, Adam Bell 10ml, Mark Smith 27ml, Graham Kemp 30ml, Mark Ridge 34ml, Mark D’Amico 49ml, Bradley Mears 63ml

Novice – Tony Whitcombe 9ml, Peter Fox 10ml, Neil Cozens 23ml, Gavin Horley 27ml, Dave Mears 36ml, Chris Still 47ml, Micheal Care 61ml, Steve Wormley 83ml

Youth Novice – Oliver Whorlow 24ml

Novice O/50 – Brian Cornelius 1ml, Graham Knowler 15ml, Peter Campbell 23ml, Debbie Kemp 23ml

Pre 67 – Neil Sinden 10ml

Yellow – Sarah Bell 11ml, Scott Hammond 46ml

Late Entries – K Dampier 32ml, S Ridley 47ml, M Cole 28ml, T Gray 24ml, J Smith51ml, J Hunt 58ml, J Millen 19ml, R Marsh 24ml, R Marsh 54ml, W Eves 32ml, C Gray 70ml, K Wells 28ml